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Keystone Resort Property Management (KRPM) is the largest and most experienced Property Management Company in Keystone. As the manager of privately owned residences and community associations for over 25 years, KRPM has been in business since the inception of Keystone Resort. With over 2300 properties in their management portfolio, there is a reason why they are the most trusted and respected property management company in the area.

Because of their vast knowledge and experience in property management, as well as their dedicated and skilled professionals, homeowners enjoy exceptional amenities, unsurpassed personalized services, impeccable home care, and flexible, profit-driven rental programs. With all the benefits of ownership and all the conveniences of on-site property management with KRPM, owners can better experience the beauty and adventure of Keystone.

As a fully integrated part of Keystone Resort, KRPM is able to work with all of the departments at Keystone to create the best experience for homeowners and guests. With a central reservations center that receives up to 1,000 calls per day and as part of Vail Resorts, the owner and operator of the Keystone Conference Center, KRPM is the leading provider of lodging rental nights. All of this combined with on-site management and a staff conveniently available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensure ideal management support for you, and the perfect vacation for resort visitors.

Furthermore, Keystone Resort Property Management Company provides homeowners with comprehensive and unmatched management services, including:

24 hour access to On-site Services. You?re never left with long wait times for service requests. Whether it?s a lock-out or replacing a light bulb, every request is met in a timely fashion with KRPM.

Comprehensive Marketing. KRPM leverages marketing resources from their network of company-owned lodging partners, which include Keystone, Vail Resorts Hospitality and Rock Resorts to maximize profit for your unit. This multi-tiered marketing effort drives guests to their call center and website,

Property Management Team. Each building has a dedicated property manager along with a team of maintenance workers and housekeepers to ensure rapid response to requests and a commitment to keeping your unit looking its best at all times.

Refurbishment Programs. KRPM believes it is important to keep all of their properties up to date and contemporary. You will benefit from KRPM?s buying power when replacing electronics and appliances. As a part of Vail Resorts, KRPM passes on the advantages of the company?s combined buying power.

Accounting and Administrative Services. It’s all taken care for you. Worry-free management of all the business aspects that accompany renting your property.

Legendary Lodging Owners Club: Here are just a few of the many discounts you will receive for joining KRPM’s rental program.

– Minimum of 20% discount off current published one night rates (excluding packages and promotional rates) at any location owned or managed by Vail Resorts. Based on availability, no blackout dates.
– 15% discount for Food & Beverage at any RockResorts Hotel
– 20% discount on spa services at any RockResorts Spa
– 15% discount on transportation services from Colorado Mountain Express (CME)
– Complimentary upgrade on stays at RockResorts (based on availability).
– Additional seasonal offers at a variety of Vail Resort’s properties and outlets

Don?t just let any company manage your property. When it comes to your home away from home, trust a company that has the most experience and best resources to handle the management of your unit, trust Keystone Resort Property Management Company. Call them today at (800) 458-5857 or visit their website at


SkyRun is a full-service, on-site property management firm. We rent your unit through this web site ( and through our international network of vacation wholesalers and travel agents. They advertise properties on internet sites such as and and but also on internet booking engines like,, and dozens more. As property owners in Keystone ourselves, they take an ‘owner-centric’ approach to managing and renting your unit.

What makes SkyRun different:

No one puts more money into your pocket and lets you keep it by not adding marketing or linen charges. It doesn’t matter how low your commissions are if you don’t have the rental numbers. Compare BOTTOM LINE money in your pocket and SkyRun is the best deal. Go with someone with 5 years of proven results in over 100 condos all within Keystone Resort.

Our guest satsifaction rate as researched on is THE BEST of the 5 large rental firms in Keystone. Isn’t it best to have ‘happy guests’ renting your condo… No one else uses the premiums linens and towels and supplies that SkyRun uses or sweats the details like our discount club, the complimentary gift basket and investing in the best (and entirely legal) staff.

The SkyRun commission rate is among the lowest in Keystone. And instead of charging $thousands in yearly and monthly fees in lieu of commission, we EARN our money by commission only. Therefore, if we don’t rent your unit, we don’t get paid. And if we discount your price, we both share that burden.

In addition to lower commissions, we get higher rents… We rent 80-90% of our condos RETAIL – directly to the guest through our advertising. That means we only wholesale about 10% of our rentals! Other companies can get as much as 60-80% of their condos through wholesalers and agents, not directly themselves.. This means that the agent or wholesaler is getting 10-20% commissions before you ever see the gross amount. ASK the competition what percentage is rented wholesale… that’s 10-20% of gross rental off the top. That makes a HUGE difference in your bottom line.

Our website is the best in the resort. That’s our opinion, see if you agree. An increasing majority of guests book online, and our features like panoramic images, tripadvisor 3rd party guest reviews and ‘web 2.0’ features like dynamically updating pricing, search while typing (type hot-tub in the search bar on top for example), sliding availability calendars and google maps are just the start.

Other Reasons that we believe SkyRun is the best choice:

– We have 6 seasons of a track record and over 10,000 return guests.
– We rent your specific unit, not from a pool of units, getting you more if your unit is nicer or a better location.
– You can help your unit (and any other Skyrun unit!) on and get more income for doing so.
– We provide an individual website featuring your unit with photos and complete info that YOU can control online if you choose, including managing your own pricing (if you choose… or we can do it for you).
– You can view your past statements and rental reports online and participate in an owners forum exchanging ideas with other SkyRun owners. (owners logon is the left)
– We have great natural search rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN, and WE DO invest thousands/month for per click advertising also! Your condo is listed on thousands of other related websites where natural search results don’t go!
– We clean after all guests, but you can optionally self-clean your condo on our program for no charge.
– Our cleaning and maintenance staff are in the resort every day and know what is going on with your condo.
– We have our check-in center within the Keystone Resort. Not in Dillon or Silverthrone, or a front range PO box or lockbox to welcome your guests.
– You can maintain your own unit (cutting costs) or have us check for maintenance needs and make arrangements and then bill you at our cost.
– We pay for all marketing, cleaning and credit card fees.
– Only travel agency/wholesaler and our 5% resort fee which are paid by the guest are not split with you.
– There are no yearly marketing fees or upfront costs. We pay to market your unit, that’s what we’re here for isn’t it?
– We pay for the linens for your room, no expensive linen program.
– The SkyRun Owners Exchange Program – Use the property of any other SkyRun owner for just the cleaning fees in exchange for their use of your property! It’s like owning property in the mountains AND at the beach and it’s totally voluntary! If you want to exchange, you can, but you don’t have to put your property out there for unlimited free use like other exchange programs. Click on the link above to check out the website that facilitates the exchange and for more details.
– We have proven that we put 10-250% MORE INCOME in the pockets of our owners than alternatives when you look at the only BOTTOM LINE that matters, more money in your pocket, and less wear and tear on your unit.
– Happy property owners that are ready to speak with you about their experiences with SkyRun.

Call me at 1-877-SKY-RUN1 x54, e-mail me at or use the Contact Us form.


Go directly to the website for Summit Cove.There are many rewards when it comes to renting out Keystone investment property. Consider the income generated by prime Keystone, Colorado real estate, building relationships, learning about advertising and promotion, and screening applicants. Alternatively, many Keystone investment property owners hire a professional property management company who specializes in Keystone Ski Resort area to take care of everything.

There are many choices for property management in the vicinity of Keystone CO real estate. Property owners can discover the pros and cons of each by interviewing them to get a feel for how they do business, and choose the one with the best fit. Since The Walsh Group wants our clients to be in the best hands possible when buying new property or shopping for a new property manager, we have interviewed many property management companies. .

The Walsh Group has consequently partnered with a cutting-edge company that provides Property Management in Keystone, Colorado. has turned the Keystone vacation rental market upside down in recent years, forcing other management companies to lower their management fees and re-structure their business models. Entering the business in 2001 and using technology to streamline their entire operation, has brought a fresh vision to property management here. They offer clients a small 25-percent management fee and encourage owners to participate in the marketing and rental of their own properties. Owners are rewarded for helping by paying an even lower 15-percent management fee. offers a rental program unlike any other, which is a single program with no “tiers of service” that is flexible for all property owners. Whether investment property owners are simply looking to cover Homeowners Association costs, or if they would like to squeeze as much rental income out of a property as possible, SummitCove can adjust several variables to exactly match those needs. They are the established leader in producing top dollar for vacation rentals, even in areas where short-term rentals are not the norm.

Investment property owners can compare SummitCove’s programs to other companies in the area by interviewing all of them. While shopping, it is important to note an important misconception about figures. Many property managers use the term “Occupancy Rate” to show how well they do. However, it is easy for any property manager to show a 98% occupancy rate during prime times like the holidays.

The real solid numbers are the “Gross Revenue” figures. Gross revenue reflects all rentals and owner usage (for which there is no revenue generated) and shows the whole picture. A good date range to pull for these numbers is from May one year to May the next year, which avoids splitting the ski season down the middle.

When new owners of investment property decide to completely eliminate the involvement with too many bills, bad renters, damages, costly advertising, and other nightmarish stories, they turn to the experts and breathe a sigh of relief. For a personal consultation and an estimate of gross revenue for a property and to gain access to SummitCove’s live statistics, call them at (970) 368-7023.

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