Getting Your Upscale Summit County CO Real Estate SOLD!
By The Walsh Group

If an owner is planning to sell a Summit County CO home that stands out from the rest, that seller needs a Summit County real estate agent who has garnered knowledge and experience in the local market. The Walsh Group includes many long-term residents of Summit County who have access to valuable resources that will give an edge to sellers in this Summit County resort market.

To avoid the “upscale pitfalls”, homeowners selling Summit County CO real estate will need to work with their Summit County real estate agent to create a unique marketing plan. Communication is a critical ingredient in the relationship. After listening to the seller’s needs and priorities, the agent will fashion a plan.

Here are some valuable pointers for sellers of Summit County CO real estate:

First, with the help of a real estate professional, take a close look at the competition. Although the seller’s property may offer unique features and amenities, the competition will be showing off their own.

A Comparative Market Analysis and Appraisal are first steps. They will enable a seller to use his/her head and not the heart when setting the price. What the seller originally paid for the property has little to do with what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for that same property today on the open market.

Next, sellers need to be informed. They should ask their real estate professionals to fully explain the special strategies for selling a fabulous and unique property. Then, the seller can best decide on the plan that allows for maximum exposure of this special property to the right buyers.

Another requirement for sellers is to be sure to show the property in a no-excuses condition. Prospects who can afford an upscale property expect a purchase that reflects a “Better Homes & Gardens” image. Their lifestyle rarely allows time for “fixing up”.

Next, sellers in an upscale market need to be flexible. Upscale buyers expect to see properties on their schedule.

And finally, a little psychology goes a long way. People buying beautiful resort properties also expect a prompt answer to their purchase offer. Playing “hard to get” does not work in this market. In fact, during the entire process, sellers will get the best results by working openly with their real estate professionals to arrive at a prompt, satisfactory conclusion to the property sale.

When you are ready to sell your Colorado mountain retreat, contact the real estate professionals at The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit. Call The Walsh Group toll free at (866) 513-0404.

How to Screen for a Realtor: Questions to Ask
By The Walsh Group

Most of us do not buy or sell many properties in our entire life spans. And many have no prior experience with resort Summit County CO real estate or Breckenridge real estate, especially the nuances of the resort market place.

Realtor Questions
Before hiring a Realtor to sell or buy Summit County CO real estate or Breckenridge CO real estate, plan to sit down with any potential real estate agents. Ask these fifteen important questions:

  1. What is your guarantee? Listening to the response will help the Summit County property owner to glean whether this Realtor is going to sincerely look out for the interests of the client.
  2. Do you personally answer all phone calls on the property? If the real estate agent will handle all communications about the listing, there is apt to be less confusion in communications.
  3. Can we cancel the listing if we’re not happy?
  4. Does the Realtor offer satisfaction guaranteed?
  5. Do you have a personal assistant? A personal assistant is vital to helping a Realtor stay on top of the long list of details that need attention during both a purchase and a sale.
  6. If you don’t call me back within 24 hours, will you take $50 off of the escrow? The answer to this question will reflect both how organized the Realtor is and how responsive are his or her habits.
  7. May I see your personal real estate web site? In today’s market, the Internet has changed the way people look at homes. Every year a larger percentage of people search the Internet at all hours of the day and night for ways to find out what is available in the market.
  8. What systems do you have in place that will keep you in constant contact with me during the listing and the transaction? Does the Realtor have cell phone access 24/7, voice mail that is checked frequently, and e-mail communication systems? If the Realtor happens to be unavailable, who will “deliver the baby”?
  9. Are you fully automated with your own personal computer, FAX machine, copier, pager, voice mail, etc.? This will show one level of professionalism in the practice.
  10. What is your average market time vs. other agents average market time? The Realtor’s response will tell you something about his experience and expertise.
  11. What professional designations do you have? The educational designations will give you a clue as to the Realtor’s hand in varying circumstances.
  12. I want to give my home the advantage of the latest marketing strategies. How much time and money do you invest each month in professional training? When a Realtor is continually trying to improve his service, there is usually a humility and sincerity accompanying his services.
  13. Can you give me a list of your clients who have closed escrow and can I call them? They will speak volumes. But if there are no references or real estate testimonials, there is a big red flag.
  14. Why are you personally motivated to sell my house? Just listen and you will hear some of the realtor’s sales skills.
  15. Why should I list with you rather than any other agent who is calling? This answer should sum it all up and reassure you.

By the end of this fifteen-question interview, the property owner or buyer will have a certain sense about the Realtor. The interviewer may ask for clarification about any yellow flags. Red flags could possibly eliminate the candidate.

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How to Sell Summit County Resort Property from Out of State
By The Walsh Group

What should you do when the property you want to sell is not your own home and is not located in your home state but is located in Summit County CO real estate, out of sight and out of mind from your own home – in another city or state? A Summit County CO second home in Summit County, Colorado, is a completely different market and requires someone with a “local expertise” AND a different “mindset”! The Colorado resort real-estate market has a mind of its own!

Yes, you know all about the properties around your own neighborhood, but do you know as much about the market in another state? If you own a second home in Summit County CO real estate or Breckenridge CO real estate or other beautiful Summit County mountain property, what should you do? It’s not like you can do what you do with your own home:

  • Drive around your neighborhood to keep track of the other properties listed for sale!
  • Stop at some local open houses to see how other properties compare to yours!
  • Read the local newspaper to see what was on the market!
  • Keep up to date on the local real-estate market through family, friends and co-workers!
  • Discuss the local real estate while standing in line at the bank or grocery store!

You thought that someday, when you are ready to sell your vacation home, the information you have gleaned will give you enough of a handle on the market there. And you thought that you even have a pretty good idea which local realtor to use to get the job done.

However, contracting with the “wrong” out-of-state realtor could cost you dearly. Many of the reliable local resources aren’t readily available to assist in selling a vacation property hundreds or thousands of miles away. And your local real-estate market has little to do with a market located halfway across the country (or even a few hundred miles away). As a result, you’re left wondering. Is it a buyer’s market? Is it a seller’s market? When is the best time to sell? What are the average days on market? How much is your resort property worth? Although some Internet websites may offer a great deal of information, they aren’t necessarily good resources for determining value and/or identifying successful marketing strategies for your specific mountain real estate.

So, how do you gather the information you’ll need to make an informed decision? While it’s always a good idea to work with a real-estate professional, a proven way to save you time, money, aggravation, and give you peace of mind, it is especially important to find the RIGHT real-estate professional when you are not living near the property that you want to sell.

Who should you call? Who can you trust? As a seller of an out-of-area property, you want to have:

  • A broker with experience in out-of-area sales
  • A broker who has already achieved the results that you are trying to achieve
  • A broker who has had the most success in this market area
  • A broker who not only has the most number of listings sold of all brokers in the area but also the highest percent of listings sold
  • A broker who has achieved the highest average of sales-to-list ratio of all brokers in the area
  • A broker whose listings have had the shortest time on market of all their competition

The Walsh Group of RE/MAX Properties of the Summit has already achieved these results and is the most successful in this market area! The Walsh Group is the #1 Resale Broker in Summit County and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit is the #1 Brokerage firm in all of Summit County! Just because your property is “out of sight”,it shouldn’t leave you feeling “out of touch”. Call The Walsh Group of RE/MAX Properties of the Summit when you’re ready to sell. You can reach us toll free at 866/513-0404 or visit us on the web at www.Summit

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No-Risk Real Estate Sale Guaranteed!
By The Walsh Group

Summit County CO real estate professionals employ several factors to guarantee the successful sale of Summit County CO real estate as well as Frisco real estate, Silverthorne real estate, and Breckenridge real estate. How many Summit County CO real estate professionals are willing to commence work on behalf of a client with a no-money-up-front guarantee? Not many.

However, listing property with a Summit County CO real estate professional from The Walsh Group gives just such a guarantee. Our professionals will spend time and money promoting the client’s property, working closely with other agents to bring a ready, willing, and able buyer. And yet, the client only pays if the property sells.

But that is only one plus for listing with us. What else do our real-estate professionals offer?

Experience. Our professional real estate agents pool their experience with financing, marketing, negotiations, the local real-estate market and more to assist in the smooth and timely sale of properties listed with us.
Networking. Our staff has developed long-time relationships with other agents who can bring the right buyer!
Access. Willing to go the extra mile, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate the plans and schedules of both our clients and potential buyers!
Knowledge. One of the greatest “no risk” services the real-estate professional offers is his or her extensive knowledge of local real estate. In tune with the trends for resort properties in the area, this knowledge is helpful for the successful promotion of the property within that market. True, that is important in any market, but it’s critical in a resort market, where a majority of buyers are not “locals”.
Right marketing. Marketing is important, but the “right” marketing is priceless. A true real-estate professional will commit the resources necessary to launch ongoing marketing campaigns that are designed to generate buyer interest in the client’s property. By tracking each source of business, a real-estate professional will focus marketing resources where they will count. It’s no longer enough to place an ad in the local paper.
All of this service comes with no risk to the client! If this sounds “too good to be true,” accept that it isn’t. For a change, it is true! So, find out how The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit can offer a “No-Money-Up Front 100% Satisfaction Guarantee” on selling resort property. Experience why, for the past three years, we have been the #1 Broker in Summit County. Call one of our real-estate professionals now!

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Offer Received on Summit County Home’
By The Walsh Group

Your Summit County, Colorado property is for sale, and your Summit County real estate professional has just called to say you received an offer on your Summit County home. What happens next’

If you truly want to sell your Summit County, Colorado real estate, your highest priority should be to help make the sale happen. Even if the offer is low, look at it as a positive indicator that someone would like to live in this Summit County CO condo or home. Every offer deserves your careful consideration.

Be gracious. Keep in mind that a buyer was interested enough to make a written offer and then to provide an earnest-money deposit. This offer may be the first step to a suitable compromise. Think clearly, and avoid letting emotions rule your final decision; something your real estate professional can help you do.

Next, be certain the buyer is qualified to complete the purchase. Your real estate professional will help you learn about the buyer’s financial position, available down payment, and ability to complete the transaction.
Ask questions. Your real estate professional will explain complicated terms or conditions and how they impact the transaction. To make an informed decision, you must understand the offer.

Consider all offers. You can accept, reject, or make a counter-offer. Your real estate professional will explain both the benefits and limitations of the offer. Always avoid outright rejection. Think long and hard and look for ingenious ways to close the gap a little if you really believe that an offer is too low.

Freeing yourself and your assets to move on to your new job, relationship, or project could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Remember, it’s not where you start, but where you end up that’s important!

Finally, respond quickly to all offers. Serious buyers want to negotiate with serious sellers and they rarely wait around for long.

When you’re ready to buy or sell a property, contact the real estate professionals of The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit. We sell properties for fun!

The Walsh Group now has two convenient Summit County locations to serve you. Our Silverthorne office is located at the interchange of I-70 and Highway 9 in Silverthorne, and our Summit County office is located in Expedition Station in River Run Village.

Please let us know how we can help you!

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Resort Buyers Respond to Flexible Terms
By The Walsh Group

In a “perfect” world for sellers, every Summit County CO real estate sales transaction would be a cash deal! There would be “perfect” buyers who can easily pay full price for a Summit County CO resort property.

In reality, however, only about one in eight buyers will actually purchase Summit County or Breckenridge resort real estate with cash. The other buyers of Colorado resort mountain properties arrange for mortgage financing using one of several different loan packages that are currently available.

Since the overwhelming majority of our Summit County resort homebuyers (87%) do secure a mortgage, sellers can turn that fact into their advantage and turn the transaction into something closer to “perfect”. They can offer flexible terms to the buyers of their Summit County, Colorado homes. Flexible terms often trigger a more suitable purchase offer. The old saying, you can have price or terms rings true. If a seller of Summit County CO real estate helps to make it easier for the buyer to say yes by presenting flexible terms, the seller is more likely to receive better offers at higher prices.
What flexible terms are we talking about?

  1. Sellers can offer to pay discount points, closing costs, or other expenses normally paid by the purchasers. It may cost a bit but time is money and the quicker sale will give the seller more freedom.
  2. They may offer to ‘buy down’ the interest rate on the purchaser’s mortgage. This option may be variable depending on the mortgage.
  3. Sellers can offer to carry a second mortgage. Maybe the buyer is $100,000 short of qualifying for the home but the seller is willing to extend a second loan.
  4. Sellers can also offer to subsidize monthly homeowners fees for a specified period of time. This is especially helpful for older condominiums with high homeowners association dues.

When sellers “sweeten the pot” through improved and/or flexible terms, they exponentially increase their chances of selling more quickly and for a better price. So, it pays in the long run to remain open and creative through the entire process.

The Listing Specialists of The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit/Summit County Resort are an excellent resource in this area. Our Buyer Specialists are very aware of the properties that are offering buyer financing or special terms and subsidies. Whether selling or buying, the specialists at The Walsh Group use their expertise and knowledge to benefit the client.

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Sellers: How Fast Can You Say, “Yes”
By The Walsh Group

You’ve listed your Summit County CO real estate in Summit County for sale (or Silverthorne CO real estate, Breckenridge real estate, or beyond). You are excited and your Summit County real estate agent has begun the marketing campaign. A buyer for your Summit County home may be just around the corner and you look forward to receiving full price. After all, the Summit County resort real estate market is going strong.

When the right buyers choose your Summit County property, a purchase offer will be written for you to consider. Even if the buyers do offer full price, however, there may be some concessions required. You may be asked to pay closing costs or other expenses. Perhaps they ask for a price reduction.

It is absolutely critical that purchase offers be answered quickly. The most serious, qualified, and motivated buyers intend to make a purchase now’and they won’t wait for a delayed answer. How soon can you answer their offer?

The bottom line is that you must be ready. That means deciding on your limits up front’before you even list your property. Discuss and agree on the maximum concessions you are willing to accept before your market the home. Then, be prepared to act when an acceptable offer is presented.

A well-studied buyer is trained likewise to make an offer, to act, when he or she finds a home in a neighborhood that matches his/her criteria. Being prepared to act when the ducks are lined up, the transaction is smooth sailing.

At The Walsh Group and RE/MAX properties of the Summit, we leave nothing to chance. Our Listing Specialists are knowledgeable about the market and work hard to keep our listing clients well informed as to a marketable-listing price, as well as what a mutually agreeable and realistic selling price should be, given the market. Our Buyer’s Specialists work just as hard to inform their buyers along the same lines. They are well versed in the features and benefits of resort property in the entire county. They look forward to helping their clients find the right property at the right price.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling property in Summit County we hope you’ll contact The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit. We now have two Summit County offices to serve our clients, so with The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit, it’s “twice” as easy to have “twice” the fun!

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Stage Summit County CO Home for Bravo Performance
By The Walsh Group

When selling your Summit County Colorado home, set the stage for a “Bravo!” performance. When the first prospects arrive, it is your responsibility to bring up the lights on a spectacular Summit County resort home. Here are some ideas to get you started improving the curb appeal of your Summit County or Breckenridge real estate.

Attention to detail before exposing your Summit County CO home in the Colorado Rockies to prospective buyers can save you thousands of dollars at closing and bring you the best possible price. These suggestions will be a welcome mat for potential buyers of your Breckenridge or Summit County property but they are also great for people who want to improve their living quarters.

  1.  Get into the car and drive a few hundred feet away. Turn around and come back with new eyes. Notice any yellow or red flags as you approach your driveway and garage. Are there dead branches, a withered bush? How about a crocked mailbox? Can you see the number on the house clearly? What window coverings are showing through to the front? Does the garage door or the house paint need refreshing’
  2. As you get out of the car and walk to the front door from the driveway, could your lawn use a little flower bed somewhere? Could your front door be outlined with two little pines in clay pots? Is the screen door torn? Would changing the color of the front door add a friendlier feel to the approach?
  3. The entry way is a very important place. When you enter the door, what do you first see? Anything that sticks out Is it too busy looking De-clutter by removing furnishings. Repair tiles. Add a green plant possibly a colorful tall ceramic or brass pot of pussy willows or summer flowers, depending on the season, if the entryway is too stark.
  4. Have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove dirt, stains, and odors’especially if pets walk around on them. If you can make the investment, new carpet goes a long way to improving the feel of the entire homes. If the floors are hardwood, consider having them refinished.
  5. Add some zing in the sitting areas. New pillows, a new tapestry or paintings that go with the design of the home will add excitement. Take away dusty old trinkets and add something new to the fireplace area.
  6. A fresh coat of paint does wonders and is the least-expensive way to freshen the home, inside and out. But be careful! Tackle one room at a time and try sample on a portion of a wall for a few days until you find the best color for the room, a color that works during all times of the day and night. All white or off-white can be boring these days but too much intensity is a turn off.

Before showing the home, be certain all repairs and improvements are completed. Dust everything and organize closets. Clean the fridge, make the beds, and place personal items out of sight. Then, bring up the lights!

Articles © Copyright 2006 by The Walsh Group

When Multiple Bids Compete for a Summit County Property
By Craig Walsh

Over the last ten years, the Summit County real estate market has steadily shifted to more of a seller’s market. It is now common for sellers to receive multiple-bid offers for their Summit County CO real estate. From the vantage point of a seller of Summit County CO real estate, receiving more than one offer is great! Sellers in these cases should be aware that the seller’s agent must disclose the fact that multiple offers exist. However, it is not necessary for the agent to disclose the details of the offers.

Looking from the vantage of the buyer who wants to acquire the Summit County CO home, that buyer must be careful during competitive negations not to overpay. The buyer, therefore, needs an agent who understands the nuances of how to submit the offer and how to play his cards right. The buyer’s agent needs to know what and what not to communicate to the seller’s agent. Below are the best ways for both agents to logistically increase the chances of optimizing the goals of the seller and the buyer.

An agent for the seller should:

  1. Pay close attention to the terms of each offer. The highest-priced offer may not necessarily be the best offer. Additional conditions may reduce the bottom line. The seller needs to make sure that his agent explains the details of the offer so that he can make the best decision.
  2. Advise the seller to possibly use the “Best and Final Strategy.” In a multiple-offer situation, it is usually the most effective way to elicit the best and highest offer from buyers. If the seller elects to use a different type of offer, his agent should make sure that he understands the ramifications of that decision.
  3. Know how much the other buyers could be made aware of. There are two schools of thought on this. On one hand, disclosing the terms of other offers could result in competing buyers withdrawing their offers. On the other hand, if a seller allows his agent to disclose the information, he may end up with a higher price! Either way, the agent should clarify any repercussions and will likely request written permission to disclose this type of information to the buying party.
  4. Encourage the seller to respond and communicate equitably between all the agents for the buyers.

An agent for the buyer should:

  1. Not tell the listing broker or seller that they have an offer too soon. They should say: “I’m just calling to see if the property is still available. My client is looking at this property and a few others.” and/or “If another offer comes in, give me a call.”
  2. Contact the buyer immediately to see how much he wants the property. If the buyer is motivated, the buyer needs to make the offer as strong as possible. He could do any or all of the following: a) increase the price and/or the earnest money deposit as much as possible, b) pay cash, c) waive any or all contingencies (financing, review of legal documents, inspection/resolution). If the contingencies are waived, the buyer may have to sign a release of liability with his agent.
  3. Ask the listing agent what the “positioning” is of the buyer’s offer compared to the other offers. The listing agent doesn’t have to disclose this information unless instructed to do so by the seller.
  4. Ask to shorten the acceptance date as much as possible, as little as a few hours to a maximum of ½ day.
  5. Possibly write a cover letter about the buyer to personalize the offer and show his motivation. This could accompany the agent’s e-mail that forwards the purchasing contract (offer).

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Why a Market Analysis for Summit County CO Real Estate’
By Craig Walsh

Who sets the asking price when a property in Summit County is offered for sale, whether it’s a condo in Summit County’s resort real estate or Breckenridge real estate near the golf course. The owner does, of course! However, that asking price should be based on a market analysis and statistics called a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).

If a Summit County real estate owner wants the best chance of selling Summit County resort real estate, The Walsh Group will gather the necessary statistical information and consider an accurate assessment of the market value of the Breckenridge real estate or Summit County, Colorado real estate.

We will give owners a range of pricing in which we will accept the listing. The high side of the range will be more speculative and “test” the market at a price where it could take a year or more to sell. The low-end price will give an edge on the competition, a price where the property could sell in a month or two. We will also give you our recommended price, which is the price that would elicit the highest price in the least amount of time.

Properties priced within the range established by an accurate market analysis are quick to attract serious buyers. Those priced above the market are likely to languish without a sale and could very likely help accelerate the sale of a more competitively priced property.

The CMA analyzes the property for its condition, its amenities, its size, its location, and its age. All of these factors are taken into account. Next, the entire market is analyzed, including all of the properties that are currently for sale as well as those that have been on the market but did not sell.

Properties recently sold carry the most weight. They indicate the prices that buyers are willing to pay. Properties currently for sale are the competition against which prospective buyers will measure value. Properties for which the listing expired are a strong indicator of prices buyers are not willing to pay.

Unlike some brokers, we will not “buy your listing,” as they call it, by inflating the price, telling you an amount that you want to hear, and then later asking you to reduce the price! If you want a broker to tell you what you want to hear, there are plenty of brokers out there who will do that. On the other hand, if you want a broker who is honest, will treat you with respect and give you accurate information, then call The Walsh Group of RE/MAX Properties of the Summit!

One of the reasons we are the #1 Broker in the area is that we give our sellers the best information possible’as we do with our buyers, as well’and allow them to make the decision that best suits their needs. And, of course, we do get the results that they want. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be Number One!

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